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Private wealth management

Our private wealth management service has a very simply purpose: to help you and your family live the life that you desire, as soon as possible and for as long as possible. We do this by:


  • Asking the right questions: our process is designed to help you clarify and prioritise your goals. If your goals are aligned to your most heartfelt objectives in life, financial planning becomes an inspiring journey where every step brings you closer to personal fulfillment, enjoyment and peace of mind. Would you need any convincing to commit to a plan that will deliver this?


  • Developing sound strategies: our technical expertise covers all aspects of personal finance, including investments, superannuation, life insurance, debt management, taxation and estate planning. This, in combination with many years of practical experience, allows us to develop financial plans that are intelligent, practical and sustainable. A well-designed financial plan is not only a step-by-step guide to achieving your goals; it also provides a framework for sound ongoing decision-making.  


  • Turning strategy into action: we turn your financial plan into a series of practical action steps and ensure that it is implemented as efficiently as possible. In addition we provide access to a wide range of product solutions from the leading providers in the market.    


  • Keeping you on track: our ongoing review service serves a threefold purpose. Firstly, it allows you to track the progress of your strategies against your objectives and make adjustments as required. Secondly, it ensures that your financial plan is still appropriate to your situation: if your needs and circumstances have changed, then so should your plan. Finally, it provides a structured and disciplined approach to your long-term planning – successful financial planning is not a once-off action, it is an ongoing process. We will ensure that you keep the momentum going.


Becoming a client
  • Our engagement process begins with an obligation-free discussion of your needs and circumstances. Completing a confidential “Personal Snapshot” questionnaire will provide us with an overview of your position and allow us to prepare some discussion points for our first conversation;​


  • Once we have reviewed your information, we will tell you how we can assist you and make a suggestion as to the format and scope of our services. At this point we will also explain our fees and provide you with a detailed cost estimate – all fees are agreed upfront;


  • If you are happy to proceed, you can sign an engagement letter which will allow us to start the process of designing and implementing your financial plan.  

Take the first step today: call us on 02 9922 6155 or email 
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